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Defect & Quality Management

Snagmaster™ is a proven effective Defect and Quality Management System designed to simplify, streamline and manage the completion and handover process of any construction project.

Usable on a project by project or Enterprise basis Snagmaster™ has been used on over 150 construction projects in the UK, mainland Europe and Australia and is suitable for all types of project including Schools, PFI Hospitals, Correction Centres, High Security establishments, Airport Terminals and Piers, Residential Accommodation, Shell/Core developments and Office Accommodation.

Snagmaster™ is powerful enough to handle the big jobs yet cost effective enough to use on the smaller ones too, with a simple set-up and monthly rental model, which means you don't pay for a system you don't need.

Data can be entered directly from the web-browser for office based staff, via an iPad App for the site team, or even using Anoto™ digital pen and paper for those who prefer a more traditional method of data entry.

Snagmaster™ presents real-time management information via a web-based "Project Dashboard" and produces a variety of reports, worksheets, roomsheets and graphs designed for use onsite when the pressure is on.

Each Sub-contractor is provided with their own "Dashboard" where they can manage their snags, monitor progress and prepare worksheets for their team. The iPad App can also be used by sub-contractors if required.

Snagmaster™ App for iPad

The Snagmaster™ App provides a whole new level of mobile functionality or users of the Snagmaster™ Enterprise Defect and Quality Management system.

Snags are easily entered, updated and closed via the App and users can upload multiple photos from camera or gallery plus add comments at every stage.

Data is transferred seamlessly to the Snagmaster™ project web-portal and a comprehensive synchronisation process makes it possible to work without network connectivity when adding new snags.

Snags created using other methods of data entry, e.g. digital pen or online via the web-portal are displayed and managed via the Snagmaster™ App.

Snagmaster™ is ideal for main-contractors, sub-contractors and clients - in fact any one who delegates and manages construction work on a "per-location" basis and is mobile around the site.

Choose from multiple projects and multiple plans. Snagmaster shows totals of what is outstanding where and at what stage to help you focus your efforts. Each location in the project appears as a red label on the plan. Pinch to zoom or shrink. Double tap a label to add a snag. Double tap a space to hide the labels. Add photos from camera or gallery as required. Detail templates are saved by Trade Package and user to speed entry. Save & New repeats core details to speed entry. The yellow labels show the location and amount of snags Awaiting Fix and can be filtered by trade package or subcontractor. Tapping a yellow label lists the snags in that location which can be grouped and sorted as required. Tapping a snag reveals its details and any pictures, files or comments, allowing new items to be added and the snag Closed or rejected. Highlight issues by marking-up photos or creating sketches using built-in sketch functionality.

– Access multiple projects
– Unlimited plans per project
– Add new snags in offline mode - no connectivity required
– Upload multiple photos and comments at every stage
– Fast data entry via snag description templates
– Graphically display snags according to status
– Graphically filter by sub-contractor or work package
– Comprehensive sort and search
– Swipe to close or update
– Show plans with or without location tags - great for reference
– View supporting documents attached to snags (PDF, Word, Excel, Text etc.)
– Seamless integration with Snagmaster™ web-portal via WiFi or 3G

Available from the App Store for use by users of Snagmaster™.


Snagmaster™ is designed, developed and supported by mobility specialist, Sysnet, and backed by over 20 years experience of providing technology for the construction industry.

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  • Conversion of handwritten snags into management information.
  • Realtime "Project Dashboard" of KPIs and stats.
  • Realtime sub-contractor "league table".
  • Sequential numbering of snags.
  • Fast "one-click" issue process.
  • Automatic transmittal of snag and re-work notices.
  • Automatic email nag feature for overdue snags.
  • Production of sub-contractor worksheets.
  • Production of room-sheets.
  • Export to PDF.
  • Comprehensive searching and reporting.
  • Add photos, files and comments to each snag.
  • Dynamic graphs - bar and pie charts plus s-curve.
  • Storage of signature with all snags.
  • Online storage of snagging sheets.
  • Complete history of each snag.
  • Input online or mobile in addition to digital pen.
  • Sub-contractor login and dashboard.
  • View only access for clients and third parties.
  • Unlimited users, unlimited snags.
  • Pay as you use.


  • Design and Printing of:
  • Digital paper to manage and close 14,000 snags.
  • 2000 Snag ID Forms snags.
  • 1000 Snag Fix Report Sheets.
  • 1000 Snag Close-Out Report Sheets.
  • Anoto Maxell DP-201 Digital Pen.
  • One pen = many users.
  • System Configuration.
  • Location Lookups.
  • Sub-Contractors.
  • Trade Packages.
  • Users.
  • Onsite Commissioning and Training.
  • Half day - inclusive of UK travel.


  • Portable and low cost.
  • Simple to use.
  • One pen, many users, shareable technology.
  • Allows proper snag detail to be written.
    • - Sketches and symbols.
    • - Abbreviations and shorthand.
  • Non-volatile memory, nothing is lost in event of power loss.
  • Can be used where screen based devices are prohibited (H&S issues).
  • Suitable for large or gloved hands.
  • Long battery life.
  • Simply cradle at PC to upload snags.


  • Project specific form.
  • Simple to use.
  • Crib sheet and site plan on back.
  • One time sign-on gives all snags individual signature.
  • Scribing minismised via auto-repeating fields.
  • Follows traditional procedure.
  • Ideal for less tech savvy.
  • Non-intrusive and health and safety friendly.
  • Has "human" touch.
  • Paper backup should all else fail.
  • Understood by and suitable for use by all.


Using digital pen and paper is inherently environmentally friendly in that digital pens require very little power to operate or charge, and paper from managed sources actually supports the environment.

A digital pen has far less components than a PDA or smartphone because there is no display, no touch-screen, no keypad and no wi-fi card and therefore it does not have the power consumption or manufacturing impact associated with these components.

All digital paper forms used by Snagmaster™ incorporate paper from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) approved sources, which means that not only is the paper eco-friendly, but also has a very low carbon footprint.

It also helps the environment directly, as a percentage of each purchase goes towards sustaining the UK´s FSC forests.

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Snagmaster™ is supported by a dedicated team of practical, friendly and helpful professionals, all who will do their utmost to solve your problems and assist in whatever way they can.

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